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Meet The Coaches

Paige Davis: Owner + Head Coach

Exercise has always been an important part of Paige’s life.  She was involved in soccer from a very early age and it allowed her to play at the collegiate level.  Playing Division 1 soccer is where her interest in nutrition started.  Fueling her body properly was critical to support her daily practices and strength & conditioning sessions. She followed her passion and earned her B.S. in Exercise Science. The nutrition courses, coupled with her desire to learn everything she could about human performance resulted in her continuing her education and earning an M.S. in Health, Exercise, and Sports Science from The Citadel.  Additionally she is a WAG Certified Nutrition Coach and a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer.  She has seen firsthand the positive changes the correct diet and exercise have on people’s lives and wants to share her knowledge and passion with others.  She is a firm believer that people should do what they can to make the world around them a better place; through Smarter Athlete Fitness and Nutrition, LLC (Paiging Progress), she believes she can positively impact people’s mental and physical health, which in part will allow them to be their best selves and in turn positively impact the world.

Greg Davis: Fitness Coach

Coach Greg has always had a passion for health, fitness & coaching and has been involved in sports & fitness his entire life. His first exposure to weight lifting was at age 14 when his dad dragged him to the gym at 6am to train with him and his bodybuilder friends. Thousands of curls, bench presses and years of skipping leg day turned into a lifelong pursuit of health and functional fitness, and in 2011 to CrossFit.  

Always looking to improve, Greg not only took to CrossFit and the benefits of functional fitness, but he dedicated his time to becoming a CrossFit Certified Level 2 Trainer.  Combining his sports background, bodybuilding  and various training methodologies with CrossFit, Greg became a coach in high demand.  Having a family and full time office job, and now over 50, Greg understands the benefits of fitness, health and wellness for adults with a busy schedule and less active job, as well as how to coach competitive athletes to reach their best levels of performance.

Greg’s athletic background includes playing college soccer at the University of Denver, over 30 years of boxing, kickboxing, Hawaiian Kenpo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and various adult sports leagues; Greg now dedicates his fitness and competitive efforts towards CrossFit, a passion for nutrition, sports performance and coaching athletes of all ages and experience/fitness levels.

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