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Client Testimonials

I love food and love to eat.  Both have been a source of true joy for me and not something about which to fret.  I just exercised, ate and went about life.  Well, when my mid forties rolled around, I noticed that my workouts weren’t doing the trick so being a child of the 70’s, I embraced the cutting calories approach to nutrition. That worked for a bit but my performance at the gym began to suffer and to say I was cranky and hungry all of the time was an understatement.  I just kept with it and chalked the slow down up to staring 50 in the face.  Frustration set in and I was looking for a solution.  I started working with Paige at Smarter Athlete and things changed quickly.   She shares a love for food and has taught me that less is not more.  Her approach to nutrition is very positive and quite refreshing.  She took my history, current lifestyle and my fitness goals into account and conjured up my magical macros.  She told me that to achieve my desired fitness level and body composition, I needed to eat more.  That was a completely foreign concept to me and hard to believe.  She explained that there truly is a science to it all.   All I can say is that it works and to achieve my desired results with the added benefit of more “joy” was a win- win.

-Amy W.

My daughters wedding was just a few short months away. I wasn’t feeling that great about my body, especially when I started trying on mother of the bride dresses. Though that day would be about my daughter I couldn’t help but feel disgusted about letting myself slip away from working out and eating right. I knew I needed help. Paige to the rescue. She really helped me see my good and BAD eating patterns. I couldn’t believe what I was reading when her weekly check in told me I wasn’t eating enough. She was always available for my questions. Though my daughters wedding got postponed (COVID-19 reasons) until next year, I have the tools I need (thanks to Smarter Athlete Fitness and Nutrition) to feel good about ME.

-Francine P.

I worked with Paige for three months and over that time I learned how to have a better relationship with food.  By weighing my food, tracking, and counting all my macros, I became more aware of what I put in my body and how the proper combo of protein, carbs, and fats will help me reach my goals.   Accountability is big for me, so to know on each Sunday I was going to have someone check what I ate for the week helped me stay on track.  I lost about ten pounds over the three months, felt stronger while doing my workouts, and was eating more.  By counting my macros, I was able to still have snacks or satisfy my chocolate cravings, while still seeing progress.

-Gina D.

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